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Male Hormone Behind the War Title Male Hormone Behind the War
Author Zhao Xinshan
ISBN 7-2100-3583-1.
Publisher Jiangxi People's Publishing House
Spec 210×297
Original Edition Chinese
PubDate 2007/6/6.
Word Count .
Currency RMB
Price 39.00.
State Key Recommend
Category .
Publish Address 47-1, Sanjing Road, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, PR China. Postcode:330006.
ZipCode 330006.
Contact Name ding jie.
Tel 0086-791-6898137
Fax 0086-791-6898827
Email peggy9065@hotmail.com
 Content Introduction

Average people are not so closely related to nuts as geniuses are. However, there’s a clear and substantial line between geniuses and nuts just as that between truth and fallacy. The author insists that geniuses and nuts have the same brain chemical substances and structures. In another word, the starting point of a nut may be the end of a genius. Therefore, the author leads us to explore the mental world of geniuses like Einstein, Pythagoras, Ampere, Adam Smith, Kawabata Yasunari, Xuan Zang, Bai Juyi and that of nuts like Hitler, attempting to uncover some hidden relations between geniuses’ creativity and nuts’ mental disorder.

 Author Introduction

Zhao Xinshan: Famous Chinese philosopher, author, professor. Director of Institution of Research on Austria and Germany of Shanghai Social and Science Acadamy

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