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Excellent Chinese Learning for kids(B) Title Excellent Chinese Learning for kids(B)
ISBN 7-5392-5278-0.
Publisher Jiangxi Education Publishing House
Spec 210×297
Original Edition Chinese
PubDate 2009/6/1.
Word Count .
Currency RMB
Price 39.95.
State Key Recommend
Category .
Publish Address No.291 North Fuhe Road, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, PR China. PostCode:330008.
ZipCode 330008.
Contact Name Wu Minghua.
Tel 0086-791-6705825
Fax 0086-791-6705825
Email wumh999@163.com
 Content Introduction

It is an especial systemically Chinese learning book for overseas Chinese learners. A group of experts and scholars with many years of teaching experience both at home and abroad took charge of writing the teaching materials. With a large number of illustrations and photos, and through the methods of network education and school education to make the readers understand Chinese easier.

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