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Half Door Title Half Door
Author Peng Xuejun
ISBN 987-75391-4198-5.
Publisher 21st Century Publishing House
Spec 148×210
Original Edition Chinese
PubDate 2008/6/1.
Word Count .
Currency RMB
Price 20.00.
State Key Recommend
Category .
Publish Address No.75, Zi An Road, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, PR China. PostCode:330009.
ZipCode 330009.
Contact Name Yang Dingan, Lin Shan.
Tel 0086-791-6516175
Fax 0086-791-6516280
Email click1000@tom.com
 Content Introduction

    A story on the growth of a Chinese child from western Hunan. Sha Ji, a six-year-old girl, whose parents are busy at work, is sent to live at grandma Yun’s home, in a remote town. In this small town, there are two special half doors—an exterior door divided in two horizontally; either half can be closed or open independently—in all house. From standing on wooden bench, putting head on doorframe to see walkers passing by, to getting in and out through the half door, seven years passed. Sha Ji grows up in endless happiness and perplexities. Then, she leaves…

 Author Introduction

    Peng Xuejun, famous children’s literature writer and member of Chinese Writers’Association. Her works won Song Qingling Children’s Literature Prize, Chen Bochui Children’s Literature Prize, and Bing Xin Children’s Literature Prize.

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